The company ALISAN COMIMPEX S.R.L. was founded in 1992 and its fields of activity are the
design and construction of automation panels and switchboards for a wide range of applications in industry and construction buildings and trade with all range of systems and accessories for electrical installations. Our customers cover the most of the romanian territory, as well as outside the borders (Italy, Turkey, Republic of Moldavia). During the years, our company has built over 32 main distribution boards and over 1000 secondary panels and electrical equipments (normal, naval and THA3 types of execution), a part of them being used on objectives of national importance, as :

        We are also pointed to the execution of electrical switchboards for banks (1993-1999), as follows :         All this equipments are full functionally.

        For conferring to our products a high reliability and design, we use low voltage devices and cases (metallic and plastic) from the best profile companies : SCHRACK Energietechnik - Austria, Benedikt & Jaeger - Austria, Kraus & Naimer - Austria, Kloeckner-Moeller - Germany, Siemens - Germany, Groupe Schneider (Merlin Gerin and Telemecanique) - France, Legrand - France, G. Spelsberg - Germany, Gewiss - Italy, General Electric Power Controls - Belgium, Frako - Germany. Using this devices which are approved by the majority of the european standards, our product are guaranteed two years.

        For the design and execution of our equipments, the ALISAN company have 22 employees (engineers and workers) and owns a 100sqm space for offices and 400sqm space for production and warehouse, including all the specific technical devices : computers network, machines tools, testing tools aso. The execution technology is according to the romanian and international standards.

        In our 7 years of activity, our company hasn't need any bank credits and hasn't any debts to the romanian state.

        According to what is presented upwards, we consider that we can construct any types of control panels and low voltage distribution boards, on our own or third party projects, with the devices which are wished by the customer, at convenient delivery times, with guaranteed quality and good prices.

        Here is the list of the companies which we are representing or which products we distribute on the romanian market :

 G. SPELSBERG & Co. KG - Germany - electrical installations material.

 WERMA Signaltechnik - Germany - optical/audible signal devices.

 GRAESSLIN Feinwerktechnik - Germany - time switches and thermostats.

 VERGOKAN - Belgium - cable trays systems.

 OMERIN - France - cables for hazardous conditions.

 SCHRACK Energietechik - Austria - low voltage devices.

 GGK Kunststoffwerke - Germany - wall trunking systems.

 ABL SURSUM - Germany - plugs, sockets and connectors.

 GEBERIT - Switzerland - advanced plumbing technolgy.

 DURAVIT - Germany - sanitaryware/bathroom furniture/accesories.

 HANSA Metallwerke - Germany - sanitary fittings.

 JANITZA Electronic - Germany - universal measuring devices and controllers.

 FLEXA - Germany - plastic and metal flexible tubings and fittings.

        For more informations please contact us at  or at phone +40-1-232.35.61 or fax +40-1-232.91.23.